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Banking and Capital Markets

Winning in the flat world a Financial Services imperative

The Financial Services industry is being "flattened" under the influence of several forces.

Technology is leveling the playing field by creating disruptive business models. Increasing consumer sophistication is forcing the pace of business innovation. Armies of people entering the global talent and consumer markets are creating vast new opportunities across the financial supply chain. The plummeting cost of information processing is leading to an information glut.

Clearly, it is not business as usual.

To succeed in this flat world, companies must shift operational priorities so they can focus on:
  • Being the China Price, instead of dreading it or simply reacting to it
  • Building loyalty through faster innovation, because service quality is just a hygiene factor
  • Making money from information, instead of spending money on it
  • Winning in the turns, instead of limiting themselves to winning in the straightway
Locus visioning and execution capabilities are backed by business, domain, technology and change management expertise to help you win in the flat world. Gartner, Inc., in a recent report, named Infosys among the top 6 largest IT companies catering to the financial services sector, and among the top 3 in terms of growth rate.


The automotive industry has reinvented itself over the past 25 years. The franchise of North American, and to a lesser extent, European manufacturers has been eroded by strong competition from Asian manufacturers. Imbalances in forecasted customer demand and legacy investments have led to over-capacity. Increased competition and technological advancements have intensified cost pressures. Consolidation among automotive suppliers and economic pressure from OEM's has led to an aggressive drive towards technological innovation and cost dominance across the industry.

Automotive OEM's and the Supply Base have been early adopters of the offshore global delivery model in engineering and information technology solutions. Initially, the focus was cost reduction and a "commodity" approach to partner selection. However, forward-thinking companies have evolved a strategic approach to partnering with offshore service providers. Renaissance believes in long-term relationships and has invested in developing innovative solutions for OEM's, the Supply Base, and Dealer operations. These solutions span product development, supply chain operations, customer connections, support operations and infrastructure management.

Locus can provide you the competitive edge in integrating technology change through cost-effective solutions. Locus associates are positioned to service your needs and focus on continuous training in leading technologies for Product Design & Development, Embedded Systems, Product Life Cycle Management and IT Solutions

Visit the Industry Offerings section to learn more about all these profitability-enhancing LocusSoftwareSolutions.


As decision-makers in the healthcare business, you grapple with challenges, imperatives and trade-offs that are shaping the competitive dynamics of the industry:

  • How can administrative costs and overheads be controlled while improving patient services and overall efficiency?
  • How can healthcare be made more consumer-centric without adding to delivery costs?
  • How can spiraling IT costs be reined in so that resources are available for making new investments in technology to create competitive leadership capabilities?

For the last 5 years, Locus has been working with payers, providers and PBMs to help them become more competitive. As new stakeholders such as RHIOs and NHEs emerge, we are synthesizing our knowledge in healthcare and technology to offer new solutions. Our dedicated healthcare practice includes more than 200 professionals certified by AHIP.


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